17.7. Transitional practice

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7.1 Any deferment granted under subsection 33(3) of the repealed Act that is still effective at the date of commencement of the new Act will continue to have effect under the new Act under subregulation 4.13(1)(b)(i) (reg 22.4).

7.2 Any application that was pending at commencement, but has not been accepted since commencement, may take advantage of the new deferment provisions (as long as the application for deferment is filed within any time limits that are appropriate).

7.3 Where applications are linked and one of the applications was deferred, the resulting linked application, if the leading case has not been deferred, must be deferred. All the grounds for deferment that have been allowed for the linked applications must be included in relation to the linked application if they are still relevant.

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