39.7. Registration process

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7.1 General details of registration process


The application and registration clocks are set to run automatically overnight between 5am and 6am each working day.  All clocks will provide results reports via emails forwarded to TM&D Administration for checking. The Registration report is checked and corrections and updates are made as necessary.  All corrected trade mark records will then be picked up in the next automatic clock run.



The registration clock can be manually run in the event of job failures or when a one-off registration is deemed necessary.



The trade marks are flagged for publication in accordance with the regulations.



The certificate of registration and standard notice is generated.



If errors by IP Australia are found on the original certificate of registration, a new certificate can be produced ad hoc.



If later an applicant wants a replacement certificate, they may purchase a new one or a certified copy.  If the request is for a replacement/duplicate certificate, the reprinted certificate will include the word Duplicate so that it is clear that the certificate is not the original.



New certificates are provided automatically where registrations are linked.



A new certificate may also be provided when a trade mark is assigned, transmitted or amended, if requested.  A new certificate is automatically provided for the new trade mark created after partial assignment/transmission.


7.2 Preparation of the certificate of registration


When a trade mark becomes registered in the admin system a certificate batch job is automatically run to create the certificate and corresponding notice. This data is sent to a system that uploads the data and uses it to create a batch of electronic certificates. The user is then notified that the batch is ready for checking and approving for printing.



Where a trade mark appears in colour, it will be printed in colour.



The certificate is then dispatched to the registered owner's address for service with a standard notice.  Private applicants also receive an information sheet.



The history in the electronic records system is updated to show the date on which the registration certificate has been dispatched.


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