10. Annex A2 - Identity of the applicant

Date Published






Surname + Given name/s (not trading style)

Address and address for service in Australia or New Zealand

not required

Corporate Body

Full designation (not trading style)

as above


Joint application (ie two or more 'persons' using the mark under the provisions of section 28)

Names of each of the persons (these may be individuals, or corporate bodies)

address of each person or of the joint venture and address for service

'joint applicants' or 'joint venture' - not essential

Partnership (including Australian limited liability partnerships)

List of partners

Addresses of partner or partnership address and a single address for service in Australia or New Zealand

'A partnership'

Details of legal personality will be requested if not supplied on application

Incorporated association or club

Name of association or club

Address of association and address for service in Australia or New Zealand

Indication that association, club, society etc is incorporated is essential (except for COLLECTIVE trade marks) and will be entered on database. Incorporation number not entered on database

Government department

The Crown in Right of the (see 1.1.6 in this part)

address of department and address for service

not required

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

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