60.4.12 Extension of Time

Date Published

4.12.1  Relevant Legislation

Trade Marks Act 1995

Section 224 Extension of time

Trade Mark Regulations

Reg 21.6 Declarations

Reg 21.25 Extension of time - application

Reg 21.28 Extension of time - prescribed acts and documents

Reg 21.33 Direction not otherwise prescribed

Reg 17A.20 (3) (4) Period within which final decision on examination must be notified

Trade Marks Office Manual of Practice and Procedure

Part 15 General Provisions for Extension of Time

4.12.2  General Description

There are no provisions for extensions of time in the Madrid Protocol.  A holder of an IRDA may however, take advantage of IP Australia's existing extension of time provisions.

For an extension of time to be granted for an IRDA, the existing requirements must be met (see Part 15 .4 Grounds on which the Registrar may grant an extension of time).  If those requirements are not met, the holder is notified of the shortcomings of their request and given an opportunity to rectify the problems.  Time frames may apply, or additional fees may be involved in some circumstances, however these are also the same as currently exist for national applications.

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