3.3. Information required in the application

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The application form provided by the Registrar provides guidance on the information that is required if an application is to be in an approved form.  This includes:

  • name

  • address

  • address for service

  • type of trade mark - standard, collective, defensive, certification

  • details of a series of trade marks

  • divisional application - number of parent application and goods/services remaining in the parent application

  • convention claim(s)

    • goods and/or services if more than one priority date applies
    • the date the application was first filed in a convention country
    • the convention country
    • if available, the convention application number
  • representation of the trade mark

  • kind of sign - if it is a shape, sound, scent or colour trade mark - a description of the trade mark

  • specification of goods and/or services

  • class number(s)

  • non-English words and characters - translation/transliteration.

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