2. Relevant Legislation

Date Published

The Act​​​​​​​

Section 27 Application - how made

Section 28 Application by joint owners

Section 212 Making and signing applications etc. (Repealed and substituted 1998, No 100)

Section 213 Filing of documents

Section 215 Address for service

Section 223A Doing act when Trade Marks Office reopens after end of period otherwise provide for doing act

Section 260 Address for service

The Regulations

Reg 3A Assisted Filing Service

Reg 4.2 Applications in approved form – requirements for filing

Reg 4.3 Representation of trade marks

Reg 4.4 Specification of goods and/or services

Reg 4.5 Period for claiming priority of an application

Reg 4.6 How to claim priority

Reg 4.7 Publication of particulars of an application

Reg 19.1 Trade Marks Office and sub-offices – business hours

Reg 21.1 Compliance with instruction on approved forms

Reg 21.2 Requirements for filing documents

Reg 21.24B Days when office not open for business

Reg 21.24C Period for doing certain acts – acts to which section 223A does not apply

Reg 21.3 Filing of documents - common requirements

Reg 21.4 Consequences for documents not meeting filing requirements

Reg 21.5 Filing of documents- date of receipt to be marked

Reg 21.6 Declarations

Reg 21.7 Declarations - additional material

Reg 21.23 Notice of non-payment of fee

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

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