39.3. Format of Certificate of registration

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Certificates are formatted to show the owner and the mark for which the trade mark is registered and as much other information that can be displayed on the first page.

If there are multiple owners some of the owners may be listed on an attachment page.

If the mark is a series then the series of marks are all displayed on an attachment page so that all marks in the series can be displayed together.

If the trade mark is in more than one class only one class may be listed on the first page with the remaining goods and or services listed on an attachment page.

If the trade mark is a Certification, Defensive, Collective or a series trade mark this information is provided on the first page of the Certificate.

If the trade mark has an endorsement or other information relating to the registration this will be  on an attachment page.

The Certificate also displays an electronic seal which is now the official seal. The certificate format appears as shown at Annex A1.

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