19B. Relevant Legislation

Date Published

The Act

Section 17 What is a trade mark?

Section 20 Rights given by registration of trade mark

Section 21 Nature of registered trade mark owner

Section 22 Power of registered owner to deal with trade mark

Section 23 Limitation on rights if similar trade marks etc. registered by different persons

Section 24 Trade mark consisting of sign that becomes accepted as sign describing article etc.

Section 25 Trade mark relating to article etc. formerly manufactured under patent

Section 26 Powers of authorised user of registered trade mark

Section 120 When is a registered trade mark infringed

Section 121 Infringement of trade mark by breach of certain restrictions

Section 122 When is a trade mark not infringed

Section 122A Exhaustion of a registered trade mark in relation to goods

Section 124 Prior use of identical trade mark etc.

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