60.4.14 Acceptance

Date Published

4.14.1  Relevant Legislation

Madrid Protocol

Article 4 Effects of International Registration

Article 3ter Subsequent Designation

Article 3bis Territorial Effect

Trade Mark Regulations

​​​​​​​Regulation 17A.25 Notice of final decision on examination

Trade Marks Office Manual of Practice and Procedure

Part 18 Finalisation of Application for Registration

4.14.2  General Description

Acceptance is not a term used in the Madrid Protocol.  IP Australia has 18 months from the date of notification of the IRDA in which to notify the IB of provisional refusal.  If the IB does not receive from IP Australia within that period:

  • a provisional refusal based on examination or opposition, and/or

  • notification that opposition may be filed outside the 18 months,

the trade mark which is the subject of the IRDA is considered to be protected in Australia.

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