3.9. Fees

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The correct fee for the application should accompany the application when it is filed.

If the application is filed by facsimile (emergency facsimile only), documentary proof that the fee has been paid or authorised should accompany the facsimile (subreg 21.3(3)).

If the Registrar notifies the applicant within 14 days of receiving the application that the appropriate fee did not accompany the application, the application will be taken not to have been filed.

9.1 Payment could take the form of:

  • cash (if paid in person), or postal notes,
  • cheque - made out to IP Australia (cheques from overseas applicants must be in Australian dollars and drawn on a bank which has a branch in Australia),
  • credit card authorisation from approved cards (Mastercard or Visa) if filing on-line and with a payments option form if filing in paper,
  • electronic funds transfer to IP Australia's trust account. (After making an EFT payment at your bank or via the Internet, an Electronic Funds Transfer form must also be completed and sent to IP Australia along with required documentation.  Please note that a filing date may not be issued until both fees and documents have been received).

9.2  Proof/authorisation of payment could take the form of:

  • an IP Australia receipt, or
  • documents establishing the transfer from a bank account to the trust account.

9.3 Online applications will have the correct fee paid at the time of submission. Paper applications will be checked to determine whether or not the full fee that it attracts has been paid. This involves checking:

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