39. Relevant Legislation

Date Published

The Act

Section 6 Definitions - "filing date", "date of registration"

Section 29 Application for registration of a trade mark whose registration has been sought in a Convention country—claim for priority

Division 3 of Part 4 Divisional applications

Section 52 Opposition

Division 1 of Part 7 Initial registration

Section 241 Application for registration of a trade mark

Section 243 More than one application lodged on the same day for the same trade mark

The Regulations

Reg 5.2 Extension of time for filing - grounds

Reg 7.1 Period in which a trade mark can be registered

Reg 7.2 Particulars to be entered in the Register

Reg 21.21 What fees are payable

Reg 22.2 Fees payable in relation to certain matters

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

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