47. Relevant Legislation

Date Published

The Act

Section 29 Application for registration of trade mark whose registration has been sought in a Convention country - claim for priority

Pt 4 Div 2 Grounds for rejecting an application

Part 5 Opposition to registration

Section 177 Additional grounds for rejecting an application or opposing registration - certification trade mark not distinguishing certified goods or services

Section 187 Additional grounds for rejecting application for registration or opposing registration of defensive trade marks

Section 203 Exercise of power by the Registrar

Section 204 Registrar to act as soon as practicable

Section 214 Withdrawal of application etc.

The Regulations

Part 5 Opposition to registration

Part 17A Division 3, Subdivision 2 - Grounds for rejecting IRDA

Part 17A Division 3, Subdivision C - Opposition to IRDA

Reg 21.6 Declarations

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

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