9.1. Introduction

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Amendments to trade mark application details, and other documents, can be made under Part 6 of the Act. Amendments to details of a registered trade mark can be made under Division 1 of Part 8 of the Act.  Amendments are made to document details in order to overcome matters which do not accord with the Act, to correct an error, or to reflect changed circumstances such as a change of name, address or address for service.

Although changes to name (section 216), address (subreg 21.3(2)) and address for service (paragraph 215(1)(b)) do not come within the ambits of either Parts 6 or 8 of the Act, they are included in this Part of the Manual because the procedures for these changes are similar to those of the other amendment procedures.

Amendments to the particulars of records of claims to an interest in, or right in respect of a trade mark (other than address for service (section 215), name (section 216), and address (subreg 21.3(2)) are covered in Part 44 Claim of Interest or Rights in a Trade Mark.

Amendments to international applications and registrations under the Madrid Protocol are covered in Part 60 of this Manual.

Amendments to TMHeadstart requests have different rules to amendments to trade mark applications and are covered in the TMHeadstart Manual.

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