2.13 Revocation

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On the DocGen home screen select TMD-0819 - Revocation (National) or TMD-0820 - Revocation (IRDA)

Note: Existing procedures surrounding Revocation still apply.

Application Number screen

In the Application Number field type the Application Number and press Enter or click Next or press Alt + N.

Application Details screen

1) Confirm the application details are correct.
2) Press Enter or click Next or press Alt + N

Revocation screen

1) Use the Rich Text Box to record the reasons for revocation.

2) If you select the Yes option button, another Rich Text Box will appear to briefly outline the additional actions the applicant may take (along with requesting a hearing).
3) Press Enter or click Next or press Alt + N

User Details

1) Your name and phone number will populate automatically from the phone book.
2) Press Enter or click Next or press Alt + N

Submit/Approve screen

Select whether you have the delegation to approve and send the notice or if you need to send the work to a supervisor/team leader for review.

  • If you select Yes – Approve the work
  • Click Approve and send to file (Alt + G).

Note: This button generates the letter, sends the document to the outgoing correspondence folder on the TRACS file and sends the letter to print and be sent out. Please ensure all details are correct before pressing the button.

  • You will then be taken to a confirmation page with hyperlinks that allow you to save a copy of what you generated onto your desktop for your own purposes, if you so wish. This is an optional step.

This document is controlled.  Its accuracy can only be guaranteed when viewed electronically.
Effective Date: 01 March 2018

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

Remove reference to Decision on the Written Record (obsolete term)