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In addition to the titles, the IPC also provides various elements and indications in text to facilitate its use.

Guidance headings

Within a subclass, a series of main groups relating to a common subject matter may be grouped together by a guidance heading, which is a short underlined statement indicating the common subject matter, or a line in heavy type extending across the column when a heading is not available.

The series of main groups covered by one guidance heading extends to the next heading or the heavy line.

For example, the guidance heading of “Parts, details or accessories of agricultural machines or implements, in general” covers main groups of A01B 51/00 to A01B 75/00, which are separated from the next series of main groups A01B 76/00 to A01B 79/00 by a line.

Single-part and Multipart Titles

A title can be single-part or multipart. A multipart title comprises an accumulation of distinct subject matters, which are separated by semicolons “;”.

Subgroup Titles

  • If a subgroup title starts with an upper case first letter, the title can be read independently and always within the scope of hierarchy.
  • If a subgroup title starts with a lower case first letter, the title can be read as a continuation of hierarchically higher title.

For example:

  • Full title of A47G 9/02 should be read as “Bed linen or Blankets or Counterpanes”.
  • Full title of A47G 9/04 should be read as “Bed linen with fastening strips or Blankets with fastening strips or Counterpanes with fastening strips”.

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