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Examination practice

The criteria for allowability of amendments after grant are the same as after acceptance.

However, as the patent has already been granted, the amendment may be motivated by considerations other than achieving compliance with the requirements of the Act. For example, the applicant may be attempting to:

  • amend around a future infringement action; or
  • prepare the ground for an extension of term of the patent under s70.

The consequences arising from an erroneous allowance of an amendment after grant can be significant. For example, amendments with a view to a future extension of term can affect the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Consequently, these amendments are regarded as high risk and are therefore subject to higher level quality assurance processes. All reports on amendments to a granted patent are to be checked by a senior examiner.

This is to ensure that there is no consequential broadening of the scope of the monopoly, as this is the area of greatest risk to the public. Of particular concern are cases where there is a change in the type of claim, for example, if the original claims are method claims, and apparatus claims or substance per se claims are introduced.

Note that examiners should always check for a statement that no relevant proceedings are pending (see Granting leave to amend).

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