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Key Legislation:

Administrative Instructions under the PCT:

  • s508 Manner of Indicating the Claims to Which the Documents Cited in the International Search Report Are Relevant

PCT ISPE Guidelines:

  • para 16.77 Relationship Between Documents and Claims

For “X” and “Y” citations the relevant claims to which the category applies are given as prescribed in Administrative Instruction 508. [PCT/GL/ISPE/12 at para 16.77]

Note: Comprehensive discussion of all cited documents in the corresponding ISO is not required (See MPP

For “A” citations it is not necessary to indicate the relevant claims unless there is good reason to do so; for example where there is a clear lack of unity a priori and the citation is relevant only to a particular claim or group of claims.

Further documents listed in continuation box

If more documents are cited than will fit in the space provided and a supplementary sheet is used cross this box.

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