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Regulation 22.11(3) permits extensions of time for errors or omissions that occurred in the "grace period" for payment of continuation or renewal fees, effectively allowing an extension of the grace period to pay the fee.  However, any such extension must be advertised for opposition purposes even if the extension sought is only for 1 day (refer to subsection 223(4)(b)).  Furthermore, the protection and compensation provisions of regulation 22.21 apply.

In applying for an extension of the grace period, the extension period required begins with the expiration of the grace period, and not at the anniversary date.  

The grace period fees still need to be paid when extending that period.  That is, the total fees due for an extension of the grace period are the continuation or renewal fee due at the relevant anniversary date, the full grace period fee and the fee for the extension of time request which is calculated from the end of the grace period.

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