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Second Sheet of the ISR, Box B

Minimum documentation searched

Refer to Extent of Search and paragraph 16.54 of the PCT International Search and Preliminary Examination Guidelines.

  • Where the IPC marks were searched, without restricting the search by using keywords enter the marks searched.  DO NOT use “IPC: AS ABOVE”, and
  • If keywords were used in conjunction with IPC marks to restrict the search then leave this section blank.

Documentation searched other than minimum documentation

This section is used for non-electronic databases searched, e.g. paper or microfilm. PCT third party observations may also be entered here – see PCT Third Party Observations.

Electronic database consulted

The names of any electronic databases consulted and any broad (Subclass Level or lower) IPC marks (if used for searching) should ALWAYS be included.

Where keywords (search terms) are used, they should ALWAYS be included.  If the number of keywords used is large then a representative sample of the keywords could be used (for example “Keywords:  A, B, C, and similar terms”).  Truncation symbols need not be included. The logic used in relation to the search terms should not be included.

Partial structure searches are not conveniently indicated on the search report.  If a partial structure search was carried out this can be indicated by a statement such as “partial structure search carried out based on the quinoline nucleus in formula (I)”.

Sequence searches should be dealt with in the same way as partial structure searches (“search of SEQ ID 1-5”).

The following is a non-exhaustive list of examples of formats in which electronic databases consulted information may be presented in an ISR:

Single databases -

  • JAPIO & keywords: A, B, C, and similar terms
  • MEDLINE & keywords: A, B, C, and similar terms
  • CA: Structure searched based on Formula (I)
  • ESP@CE keywords: A, B, C.

Multiple databases:

  • DWPI & keywords: A, B, C, and similar terms
    (note that DWPI includes WPAT, WPI, WPIL)
  • DWPI IPC A01B 1/- & keywords: A, B, C
  • CA & WPIDS: IPC C07D 409/- & keywords: A, B, C
  • EPODOC, WPIAP, Google Patents, Google, Google Images, Espacenet, TXTE

    IPC/CPC: A61M 16/20, A62B 9/02, A62B 18/10, A61F 5/56
    Keywords: A, B, C, D, E, or the like, Applicant Name


  • Merely putting “keywords searched” without specifying the actual keywords used is not acceptable.
  • There is no need to indicate the way the database was accessed, e.g. there is no need to specify that ESP@CE was accessed via the Internet, or MEDLINE via STN.

The box should also include an indication of an applicant/inventor search if such a search was in fact carried out.  The indication does not need to be as detailed as in the SIS and could be a generic statement, for example “<database>: Applicant/Inventor name search”, inserting the databases used.

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