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When you have logged into EPOQUE the SEA bar is displayed. The two cost counters are seen in the top row.

  1. Right-click on any of the coloured boxes and select Interaction Counters | Reset Counters.

Result: This will reset both figures to zero. (A local pc reset indicator, not reset in Europe which has monthly accounts)

2. Do your search.

3. On completion and closing of your search, look above the SEA bar

If you forget and log out, don’t worry, simply log back in again, the interactions/cost data will still be showing.

  • Looking at the top of this SEA bar, the example above has

29 Queries and 212 Others.

QT (Query Transaction), OT (Other Transactions) and TOTT (Total Transactions) are the measures of EPOQUE usage.

15 OTs is equivalent to 1 QT
TOTT = QT + OT/15.
1 TOTT is charged at €0.85.

The cost of this search is = 0.85 * (29 + (212/15)) = €36.66 Euros.

(Queries are typically search statement lines, Others are typically ..hi commands, ..li commands, and number of items viewed in Viewer (e.g. – Viewing one abstract/full text on LHS and 2 images on RHS = 3 Others) )

(Viewing the same doc from a drawer will incur an extra 3 Others each and every time the doc is viewed)

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