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Following completion of the search, the examiner will reconsider the Classification in the light of experience acquired during the search and will prepare the ISR (form PCT/ISA/210) - refer Annexes B and C, the Notification of Transmittal of the ISR (form PCT/ISA/220) - refer Annexes B1, B2 and B3 and the ISO (see International Examination). Once an examiner has completed the search, there should be no delay in completing the search report. [PCT/GL/ISPE/12 at para 16.08].

Once the ISR and ISO have been completed, they may be submitted for Quality Assurance within the examination section which should be given high priority.

The person responsible for the report must ensure that, under normal circumstances, all matters are completed in time to allow the report to be established within three months (see 3.2 Customer Service Charter (Timeliness Standards) for apology time limits) from the receipt of the search copy, or nine months from the priority date, whichever time limit expires later.

When unforeseen circumstances arise, such as the search examiner being unexpectedly absent, or abstracts/citations not being delivered within the anticipated time frame, and this is likely to prevent the search and opinion being completed within its target time, counter measures should be adopted where practical. For example, transferring the case to another examiner for completion should be contemplated.

Annex A includes a sample form. See completed examples of search reports at Annexes B and C.

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