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Indexing codes may be applied when it is desirable for search purposes to identify elements of information about a technical subject of the invention already classified as such.

In an indexing scheme, the hierarchically higher group is only to be used in a residual manner, i.e. to record a specific feature not provided for in any of its subdivisions. When indexing two or more elements of information about a technical subject which is useful for search purposes, for each such element the hierarchically lowest indexing group which provides for this element should be applied. Indexing of residual matter in main groups of indexing schemes should be limited to cases where this is of use for searching. Indexing should not be made in main groups of very wide or general scope, which are mainly used as informative headings.

The invention information is only represented by classification symbols.

The additional information is represented by classification symbols, by indexing codes or by both. Classification symbols from any place in the Classification, together with any indexing codes associated with those symbols, may be used for indicating additional information.

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