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6.3.1 Procedural Outline - Written Opinion of the ISA and International Preliminary Examination

Date Published

  1. Initial processing (for international preliminary examination only)

  2. The "report establishment" date is set (for international preliminary examination only)

  3. Consider excluded subject matter

  4. Consider validity of amendments (for international preliminary examination only)

  5. Consider unity of invention

  6. Consider ordering priority document

  7. Consider clarity and descriptive support

  8. Consider novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability

  9. Note formality deficiencies

  10. Prepare a written opinion on form PCT/ISA/237 (ISO) or PCT/IPEA/408 (IPEO); or establish a report on PCT/IPEA/409 (IPRPII) if applicable

  11. Consider response to IPEO (if applicable)

  12. Establish the IPRPII and Notification of Transmittal on combined form PCT/IPEA/409 and PCT/IPEA/416

    1. Attach ANNEXES to the IPRPII (follow guidance Attaching Annexes)

  13. Submit the task. The report will be dispatched pending any Quality Assurance and/or Quality Review processes.

Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

Published for testing

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