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4.6 Recording the Search Details

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The Search Information Statement (SIS) is used as a definitive record of the search undertaken during national examination, including the strategy used and the three person team (if convened).

It is a useful record for examiners that are directly involved in examination of the application or examining related applications. The SIS is also required for internal quality assurance processes and to meet the needs of applicants, opponents, and other third-parties, as well as foreign patent offices to which evidence of the search may be given.

Therefore, it is important that the SIS is filled out comprehensively. The details to be recorded on the SIS, instructions on its use and examples are given in Annex D – Search Information Statement. (Instructions for recording sequence and chemical structure searches are provided in Annex E - Examples and Instructions for Completing the SIS. To record details of an EPOQUE X-Full search, see Annex - Generating the Search Strategy From an X-Full Search).

Note that where a SIS is generated as part of an adverse report by DocGen, examiners are to dispatch the SIS with the report.

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