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2.2 Navigating the Manual

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Navigation Menu

Primary navigation is provided through the use of the dropdown menus that are located at the top of each page.

The front page of each Volume constitutes a table of contents for the given Volume. These are known as the Primary Landing Pages, and they can be easily accessed through the dropdown menus, or the navigation buttons provided on the home page of the Manual.

Each Volume is subdivided into separate Chapters that each cover a topic directly related to the subject or examination task associated with the respective volume. Each Chapter contains a number of Sub-chapters that go into further detail about information relating to specific areas of law and practice associated with the topic of the respective Chapter.​​​​​​​

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating the Manual

Basic Navigation

  • The Up Arrow and the Down Arrow on the keyboard scroll up and down the page
  • Page Up and Page Down scroll up or down the page in larger increments
  • End takes you to the end of the page
  • Home takes you to the top of the page
  • Tab moves through the hyperlinks
  • Enter to follow a hyperlink
  • ​​​​​​​Alt + Left Arrow takes you to previously viewed pages
  • Alt + Right Arrow takes you forward to more recent pages viewed
  • Ctrl + W closes the current page
  • Ctrl + T opens a new tab in the current window
  • Ctrl + N opens a new window
  • Ctrl + Left Click opens a hyperlink in a new tab

Copying and pasting

  • Ctrl + A selects all the text in the right hand pane
  • use the mouse to select the text to copy (there are no keyboard shortcuts for selecting parts of a web page)
  • Ctrl + C copies the selected text
  • Ctrl + V pastes the selected text


  • Ctrl + P prints the current manual page

Amended Reasons

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