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5.5.1 Purpose of construction

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Proper construction (that is, interpretation) of a specification is essential before determining substantive issues of:

  • patent eligible subject matter;

  • novelty;

  • inventive step; and

  • requirements relating to specifications (s40).

Construction is done to understand:

  • the invention that is described; and

  • the scope of the patent monopoly defined in the claims.​​​​​​​


The principles of construction are summarised in Eli Lilly and Company Limited v Apotex Pty Ltd (2013) FCA 214 at paragraph 139:

"It is well settled that the Court should, from the outset, approach the task of patent construction with a generous measure of common sense. The Court must place itself in the position of a person skilled in the relevant art, being the subject matter of the patent. From this perspective, the patent is to be read as a whole, in the context of the specification and in light of the prevailing common general knowledge and state of the relevant art at the priority date."

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