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Under reg 10.1(3), the Commissioner may require the applicant or patentee to provide:

  • a statement of reasons for a request for leave to amend; and/or
  • evidence in support of the request.

    Examination practice

    If the Commissioner requires the applicant or patentee to provide a statement of reasons or evidence in support of the request, they must file these within 3 months of being requested to do so.

    If we do not receive these documents within 3 months, the Commissioner must (under reg 10.4(b)) refuse the request for leave to amend.

    In practice, however, examiners only need to consider the reasons for an amendment when it relates to a clerical error or obvious mistake. We do not need to consider any reasons given by the applicant for requesting any other type of amendments.

    The Commissioner cannot refuse a request for amendment on the basis of deficiencies in the reasons given for the request (New England Biolabs Inc v Commissioner of Patents & Anor (2001) FCA 787 at paragraphs 53 and 54; 52 IPR 1).

    Amended Reasons

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