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The term "intermediate" includes both intermediate and starting products that are used to produce the final products. [PCT/GL/ISPE/12 at para 10.18].

Paragraphs 10.28 - 10.33 of the PCT International Search and Preliminary Examination Guidelines refers to the case of intermediates and final products. See examples 8 to 13.

When considering claims to intermediate and final products two conditions need to be fulfilled for unity of invention to exist:

  • the intermediate and final products have the same essential structural element, in that either:
    • the basic chemical structures of the intermediate and the final products are the same; or
    • the chemical structures of the two products are technically closely interrelated, the intermediate incorporating an essential structural element into the final product.
  • the intermediate and final products are technically interrelated, this meaning that the final product is manufactured directly from the intermediate or is separated from it by a small number of intermediates all containing the same essential structural element.

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