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5.4.5 Annex B - Examples of Organisations of Uncertain Status as Legal Persons

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The following are examples of foreign organisations whose standing as legal persons is uncertain:

  • Kommanditgesellschaft" (K.G.) as distinct from Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien (K.G.a.A.) - Austria or Germany
  • "Societe en Commandite simple" - France
  • “Societe en Nom Collectif” (S.N.C) - France
  • "Societe Commandite" - Switzerland
  • "Kommanditbolag" - Sweden
  • "Societa in Accomandita Semplice" (S.A.S.) - Italy
  • "Kibbutz" - Israel
  • "Handelsgesellschaft" - Germany
  • "offene Handels Gesellschaft" (o.H.G.)
  • "Handelsbolag" - Sweden
  • "Handelsvenootschap" - Netherlands
  • “Limited Partnership” - United States.

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