Welcome to the new version of the Patents Manual. Please note there are changes to the numbering and sequence of the chapters and pages in the manual. You are encouraged to take the time to explore and familiarise yourself with this new structure. Formalities

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Key Legislation:

Regulations under the PCT:

  • Rule 5.1 Manner of the Description
  • Rule 6.1 Number and Numbering of Claims
  • Rule 6.2 References to Other Parts of the International Application
  • Rule 6.3 Manner of Claiming
  • Rule 6.4 Dependent Claims
  • Rule 9 Expressions, Etc., Not to Be Used
  • Rule 10 Terminology and Signs
  • Rule 66.2 Written Opinion of the International Preliminary Examining Authority

Whilst most of the aspects relating to formalities will have been checked by PCT Unit prior to examination, there will be some formality matters which may be reported upon by the examiner. These include matters covered in Rules 5.1, 6.1 (Ad. Inst. 205), 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 9 and 10. [Rule 66.2(a)(iii)]

Note: If the examiner identifies a formalities issue, they should check the case file to identify whether the PCT Unit has already issued correspondence to the applicant regarding the issue.  If there is no such correspondence, the examiner should contact the PCT Unit to select the best method for communicating any formalities issues to the applicant.

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