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6.4.3 Initial Processing

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NOTE: Bilateral Examination will continue to be processed in INTESS. However, INTESS is now read-only. If an examiner is assigned a Bilateral examination task, they should contact the Service Centre using this link to organise edit access to INTESS.

Upon receipt in this Office such requests are forwarded to PCT Unit who will:

  • acknowledge receipt to the Fijian Administrator-General,

  • allocate an identification number using the Fiji application number and scan the documents in INTESS,

  • update the applicant’s details in Applicant object,

  • update the search request date in Search object which will be the date of receipt in this Office,

  • fill the search report and advisory opinion completion date as 10 weeks (See 3.2 Customer Service Charter (Timeliness Standards) for apology time limits) from the request date in Search object in INTESS,

  • create a Fijian application folder for each new application in the International Folder in COMPASS,

  • make an alias and place it in the appropriate technology Tech Sort sub-folder in INTESS.

  • Contact the relevant section distributor to notify them that a Bilateral examination task has been placed in their section folder.

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