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All applicant details such as address for correspondence, applicant name etc. are extracted from ePCT via the PCT-API and inserted into RIO Workbench once the Search Copy is made available. The information should be an exact copy of what was entered by the applicant at filing.

Address for correspondence

[Ad. Inst. 108]

When an agent represents the applicant, the address for service is listed in Box IV of the PCT Request form.
​​​​​​​For applicants processing their own applications, the address for service may be listed in Box II of the PCT Request form.
Remember to check correspondence on file for any changes in the applicant or address for service and to also check that the captured data in the report template is correct and current.

Date of mailing

Leave this space blank, RIO automatically fills this box when the report is dispatched.

Applicant's or agent's file reference

[Ad. Inst. 109]

Any subsequent change made by an attorney such as addition of initials etc is not required to be entered on the forms by the examiner.

Note that if the file reference is significantly different from the original, (such as, a totally different number) then the new reference should be used, and the change be communicated to the PCT unit. The PCT Unit will inform IB of the change. Additions of initials at the end of the original file references are not considered a significant change.

International application number

RIO automatically enters the application number in all relevant places in the notification and report forms after the template has been completed. This number is in the expanded format PCT/AU20xx/123456 which came into effect on 1 January 2004. The expanded format will occur for all PCT applications, even those which were filed before 1 January 2004. 

International filing date

The international filing date is assigned upon receipt of the international application. This date is recorded on the PCT Request Form and on RIO.


[Ad. Inst. 105]

When there is more than one applicant indicated in the Request of a PCT application, only the first mentioned of these has to be indicated in the International Search Report. The other applicants, if any, are indicated by the words “et al” following the first applicant's name. The first mentioned applicant is indicated in Box II of the PCT Request form, a second applicant is listed in Box III, further applicants will be listed on the continuation sheet if there are more than two applicants.
For example:

  • SMITH, John Doe

Note that as shown above, company names are written in capital letters; for personal names the family name is given first in capital letters and the given names are in mixed case - this helps to identify the family name.

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