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6.9.1 Current Allocation of PCT Related Duties

Date Published

Duty & Responsible Officer

Contact Officer

PCT Law and Practice


Greg Powell

PCT Administration Unit

incl. current fee schedule


Uththarai Vigneswaran

Andrew Clearwater

Sarah Kinkade

ISR, IPE Complaints

AGM for section

Salesh Swami

Lexie Press

Andrew Wilkinson

Unity of Invention Protest

AGM for section

Salesh Swami

Lexie Press

Andrew Wilkinson

Individual case action

Supervising Examiner (OEP)

William Guinea

Manual Editor

Supervising Examiner

Clinton McCarthur

International Search Technical Team

Supervising Examiner

Kevin Restrick

IPC Classification Arbiter

John Ho

Leopold Filipovic

IPC Revision Manager

Matthew Forward


Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended

Published for testing

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