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After obtaining the citations, the examiner should view the full specifications. The most relevant foreign and AU documents are cited in the report with English language documents being preferred over foreign language documents disclosing the same matter.  The practice in Selection of Documents Considered to be Relevant should be followed where the English language specification actually viewed is published after the filing date and an earlier published foreign language family member exists. (Language assistance is obtained as outlined in 6.1.16 Assistance with Foreign Languages and 6.10.5 Examiners with Foreign Language Capabilities)

The copy of any foreign or AU documents cited is to be retained in the relevant application folder in COMPASS.  For further information on use of COMPASS in examination, see 4.4 COMPASS and Citation Storage.

Where some or all full copies of non-patent references have not been received and only four weeks remain until the search report must be established, the examiner should make enquiries about those full copies, then proceed to establish the search report in the normal way on the basis of the material which is available, in consultation with a Senior Examiner.  

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