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The search examiner considers the adequacy of the title. An inadequate title may be too vague, for example, "Process" or include redundant phrases such as "Improvements in ...". [Rule 4.3, Rule 37.2, Rule 44.2, PCT/GL/ISPE/12 at para 16.44 et seq].

The search examiner is required to draft a title where [PCT/GL/ISPE/12 at para 16.37]:

  • the applicant has not responded to the invitation from PCT Unit or relevant RO to provide a title within the time allowed;
  • no title was filed and PCT Unit or relevant RO omitted to invite the applicant to rectify the deficiency; and/or
  • the title filed is deficient.

The search examiner is not required to gain the approval of the applicant for the title and the establishment of the title by the examiner is by suitable completion of the search report form (see check box 4 of the first sheet of PCT/ISA/210) [PCT/GL/ISPE/12 at para 16.38].

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