Welcome to the new version of the Patents Manual. Please note there are changes to the numbering and sequence of the chapters and pages in the manual. You are encouraged to take the time to explore and familiarise yourself with this new structure. Revocation of Decisions

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The Commissioner has no power to repeal, rescind, revoke or amend a decision, unless this is specifically provided for by the Patents Act (see Jiejing Pty Ltd v Commissioner of Patents and Ron Thomas and Allan Garnham (unreported decision by the AAT in relation to application 42052/89, issued 13 April 1995) and Ex parte Mole Engineering Pty Ltd (1981) 35 ALR 119).

Thus, the Commissioner generally has no power to change a decision once it has been made. However, there are two exceptions:

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Amended Reasons

Amended Reason Date Amended
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