Welcome to the new version of the Patents Manual. Please note there are changes to the numbering and sequence of the chapters and pages in the manual. You are encouraged to take the time to explore and familiarise yourself with this new structure. Parties Involved in Negotiations

Date Published

Note:  This information applies to oppositions commenced before 15 April 2013, provided the evidentiary period sought to be extended commenced before 15 April 2013.

Note: The regulations referred to in this section of the manual are those in force immediately before 15 April 2013.

Where it is clear that both parties are involved in negotiations, the Commissioner may be reasonably satisfied that a short extension is "appropriate in all the circumstances" provided that:

  • if the extension is for more than 1 month, the application for the extension includes something from the other party to confirm that negotiations are occurring;
  • where negotiations have been occurring for more than 3 months, the Commissioner will expect to be provided with details of why negotiations have not yet been concluded and an indication of when agreement is likely. The Commissioner will not grant an extension unless conclusion of negotiations appears to be imminent.

Amended Reasons

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