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Decisions under the Patents Act should meet all the administrative law requirements as outlined in 7.8.5 Principles of Conduct.  

For the purposes of providing quality service, the following are key elements of performance:

  • The proceedings as a whole are conducted fairly and efficiently.

    Parties to proceedings before the Commissioner have sufficient opportunity to present their case and respond to the case made against them. However, unnecessary delay and expense are avoided.
  • Hearings are conducted professionally.

    The hearing officer is prepared for the hearing (which includes understanding both the facts of the case and the relevant law), is courteous, confident and in control of proceedings.
  • The statement of reasons properly supports and explains the decision.

    Statements of reasons meet the requirements outlined in Written Decisions.

  • Decisions are issued in a timely manner.

    Written decisions are issued within 13 weeks from the date of the hearing, unless further submissions or evidence is filed.

Amended Reasons

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