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In addition to the ISR and the ISO, the case file must include:

  • If not previously despatched, a copy of the board decision which ISA/AU has taken on the protest by the applicant against payment of an additional fee because of lack of unity of invention.
  • A Search Information Statement (SIS)


Note: PCT Unit no longer process the case file after submission. The below tasks are now completed automatically by RIO Workbench.

  • Enter the date of mailing of the ISR and the ISO; the date of mailing must be the same for the ISR and ISO
  • Under the cover of the original notification form PCT/ISA/220 dispatch ISR and ISO (and one copy of the citation, provided that the applicant does not already have these citations as a result of them having been cited in an earlier search, and invoice if attorney/applicant has an account) to the applicant/attorney as stated in the PCT Request Form (by e-mail, paper or both).
  • Where a refund for an earlier search consideration has been approved include the notification PCT/ISA/213 in the dispatch to the applicant/attorney
  • Forward the ISR and ISO to the IB [Rule 44.1]

Amended Reasons

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